P&P, day 20, part 1, episode 6: All is well that ends well?

Austen Advent Calendar

The final episode, with happy ever after endings for everyone – except Lydia, the Bennet parents, Charlotte, Anne de Bourgh, and I’m including the villains Lady Catherine, Caroline Bingley and Mr. Wickham too… Ok, so happy ever after endings might not be something Jane Austen did, but the main characters and our protagonists get their happiness for a while at least!

In the spirit of happiness and Jane Austen, I’d thought I’d share my favourite adaptations (that I’ve seen) of her most famous books:

(I’m not including Lady Susan or Sanditon in this as I’ve only seen one adaptation of Lady Susan, and I haven’t seen Sanditon.)

Pride and Prejudice

It’s this one! Still this one, even after this advent calendar that I’m shamefully behind on!

Did you know there was a small blooper video out in the world? 🙂

Sense and Sensibility

The 1995 movie is magical. You cannot beat Emma Thompson. But my favourite lines are from Mr. Palmer…

If you like Mr. Bennet, you’ll love Mr. Palmer


Once again, I’m going for the movie magic in the choice of adaption – the 2009 mini-series captures the story and lifts Emma’s well-meaning but snobby intentions so well! And the chemistry between Romola and Jonny in their dance makes it, though made up, one of my favourite dance scenes in any adaptation!

Love this!

Northanger Abbey

The 2007 version, with JJ Fields doing a great as Mr. Tilney.

So many examples of muslin!

Mansfield Park

I’m going out on a limb here but my favourite MP is the youtube vlog series from a couple of years ago. This is because of Fanny’s character, because though they changed her name, they stayed true to her personality. Recommended!

Frankie Price gets a camera from her brother who’s out with the Navy


This one is a bit tricky, but I think 1995 wins again. 1995 was a good year for adaptations!

Everybody wants Anne to fix everything…

So, these are my recommendations! Which are your favourite adaptations?

This Austen Advent Calendar is a join-in of an original idea by Drunk Austen – check them out!

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