P&P, day 10-15, all episodes: A flipped marathon

Austen Advent Calendar

I’m watching all the episodes I missed when being sick and having no energy, and I’m watching them in the order I missed them. That means I’m watching the whole thing as a marathon, but with the second DVD (episode 4-6) first. I’m at episode 5 now, and my idea for this blog is to make a list of subjects to cover in future blogs. I’ll link to the blog posts once I’ve written them!

Leave a comment if you want to help me pick which subjects to choose!

Coming blog post ideas

Speaking of parodies, this is one of my favourites!
  • Kitty as the forgotten sister (this subject has already been done by Drunk Austen, but it’s a good one!)
  • Regency travelling
  • Books and adaptations (Edit: I did a post about adaptations)
  • Fashion plates, 2nd edition (due to seeing the walking sticks/canes the men have as an accessory rather than necessity)
  • More on clothes (because most of this site is about historical clothing and textile crafts!) And also: Where is Jane’s blue gown?
  • Something about the Making-of Documentary
  • The scene with Lizzie, Jane, Mary, Mr. Collins, and Kitty all being the essence of their characters in episode 5
  • Servants and the service “industry” (Hill, Sarah, Hannah at the Lambton Inn, the other unnamed characters making the households and inns possible)
  • Ok, I think I’ve got enough ideas for the nine days to come…

If you want to catch up with someone who’s powered through illness like a heroic boss and written blog posts in a better and more consistent way than I have, visit Drunk Austen and read the episode reviews! I’ve linked to the reviews of the first episodes, but it’s the last review post – which makes perfect sense to me since I’m watching the flipped marathon!

You can also read my other posts in this advent calendar!

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