P&P day 4, episode 4: Me and Mary

Austen Advent Calendar

This will be a very quick blog post, as I didn’t watch the episode until late this evening, and I really need to go to sleep soon.

In this episode there are some great scenes where the Bennet family dynamics are at play, and I think I might have a lot of things in common with Mary. (In all of Austenverse, I identify as a mixture of Emma Woodhouse and Elinor Dashwood, but that’s beside the point here!)

Things me and Mary agree on:

  • The pleasures of crowded public places (such as 19th century Brighton) would have no charms for us, we should infinitely prefer a book!
  • It’s difficult to play the piano. I know the basics, but not much more, and even if we practice, there are people far exceeding our talents! (though I might be a bit of a Lizzie too, in the amount of trouble I take to practice…)
  • I’m about as good a singer as Mary is. Though I have never showed it quite so publicly…
  • None of us envy Lydia one jot!

Speaking of playing the piano, Lucy Briers (who played Mary) gives a bit of inside info in this clip!

Which of the Bennet sisters do you identify with? And in which situations?

As always, this is a join-in of Drunk Austen’s original idea, and you should go check them out!

If you want to read more in-depth posts about things Austen-y, I’ve written about dancing and fashion plates in connection to the other episodes too.

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